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GeoMax Zoom95, Robotic Total Station
GeoMax Zoom95, Robotic Total Station



The Zoom95 is the true flagship of the GeoMax TPS portfolio. Featuring advanced STReAM360 technology, this one-person total station substantially minimises the time of any survey task and maximises your performance and accuracy. Combined with the X-PAD field software, the user-friendly and flexible solution makes it easy to start digitising your construction site.

About STReAM360

  • Scout: Vertical laser fan is emitted from the rotating instrument. As soon as reflections from a prism are received, the Zoom95 accurately aims towards this prism.
  • TRack: The target is being continuously tracked. Once locked onto, the instrument remains accurately aimed even on fast moving targets.
  • AiM: The Zoom95 aims accurately at any prism, without the need to look through the telescope.
X-PAD software, GeoMax field controllers and the Zoom95 robotic TPS are carefully chosen and developed to enable a carefree and efficient workflow. X-PAD gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred operating system and field controller as it is available as fully-featured Android ™ and Windows ® field software running on a multitude of field controllers.

Single (fast) 2 mm + 1.5 ppm / 0.8s

Standard 1 mm + 1.5 ppm / 2.4s

Continuous 3 mm + 1.5 ppm / < 0.15s

Range up to 3500 m


accXess5 / accXXess10
    500 m / 1000 m


2 mm + 2ppm*

Operating Time

Up to 8 hours with removable 4.4 Ah / 7.4 V Battery 


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