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Rental Equipment

Construction Lasers

  • Pipe Lasers for utility work
  • Horizontal and Vertical Rotating Lasers
  • Single and Dual Grade Slope Lasers (Rotating)
  • Interior Rotating Lasers

Machine Control Systems

  • Magnetic Laser Receiver for Excavator Sticks
  • Machine Indicate Systems for Dozers and Graders

Hydrostatic test Pumps

  • Test Pumps for fresh water line pressure testing. Rental includes High Pressure Pump, Suction Hose, and Pressure Hose with Gauge and Ball Valve.

Vacuum test Pumps

  • Test Pumps for Manhole Structures. Rental includes a Vacuum Pump, Manhole testing Head, Hoses and Gauges.

Air Test Equipment

  • Stop Plugs and Test through Plugs available in various sizes.
  • Test Gauges and Control Valves with Hoses
  • Leak Detection for Waste Water Line


  • Mandrels/Deflection Gauges in 5% and 7.5%

Trench Boxes

  • Trench Boxes and Manhole Boxes to comply with OSHA safety regulations. Various sizes are available for rent in both steel and aluminum.


  • Pipe and Cable Locators for various utilities
  • Magnetic Locators for Manhole Lids, Water Valves, Survey Taks/Pins (Locates Iron Metals)

Grade Boxes

  • Level Best 6' Grade Box for Skid Steer Loader